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Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast

Apr 7, 2021

Join Lori and her guest, Jennifer Sapel, as they talk about our money mindset. Jennifer is the CEO of Utor Wealth, which primarily helps women financial decisions with confidence. Women can live a life of abundance as much as men do! But in that life of abundance, it’s also critical to find ways to give back. How does Jennifer enable her clients to be in that position? Stay tuned.


Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • What it feels like to grow with a negative association to money.
  • The differences in messaging around money between men and women in media.
  • Understanding how you feel about money.
  • Connecting your identity to the people and organizations you support.
  • And much more!


About Jennifer Sapel:

I’ve done my fair share of wrestling with money.  Growing up, it was a subject wrapped in a lot of mystery and stress.  As a type A first born, I initially went to the other extreme, dedicated to conquering it, I bought my first home at 21 years old.  Then after almost two decades of working in financial services professionally, I realized I, and people like me, weren’t the only one who needed a perspective change around money.  We’ve got some work to do in most of our systems:  education, financial services, and families….to make healthier decisions around money.

Most of what we see and learn about personal finance are a series of quantifiable do’s and don’ts. Many financial plans are just elaborate spreadsheets projecting different scenarios in the future.  These are helpful tools that often fall short of acknowledging life is often messier than the neat cells of an excel worksheet.  

Along with Utor Wealth, I’m a wife to Kansas born Melvin.  We live on a few acres in the PacNW with our two boys under age 3 (this is where systems are critical), two dogs (Jack & Jill), modest whiskey collection, and lego filled home.  As a family, we love to travel, dabble in the garden, eat, laugh, ride bikes and host informal gatherings (at least pre/post pandemic) where we can do as many of these things at once.


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