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Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

Join Lori and Kimberley Bueno-Schonig in this conversation about having a nonprofit that’s related to your business. In this episode, Kimberley shares the journey of how her own experiences led her to inspire and support other aspiring entrepreneurs with their businesses. Stay tuned!


Here’s what to expect in this episode:

  • Kimberley shares the story of how she started a business without a background in entrepreneurship. How did this inspire her nonprofit?
  • Why did she go the nonprofit route instead of a for-profit business that offers the same entrepreneurial resources?
  • The importance of having core values to move forward with any goal.
  • The value of working together with a team. It takes a village to make huge missions happen!
  • And more!


About Kimberley:


Kimberley is the CEO and founder of BuenoSchonig Consulting, which is a business and career consulting firm that strives to help people who are making positive impacts on the world achieve their business and or career goals.


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Foundations mentioned:
WE of Hudson County:

Women Entrepreneurs International:


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