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Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast

Apr 6, 2022

Join Lori and her guests, Laura and Sabrina Merage, in this conversation about "generational philanthropy." Laura and Sabrina come from a family of business owners as well as philanthropists. In this episode, they talk about having a legacy that comes from a passion perspective, rather than from a duty-bound perspective. What is its impact on the next generation? Stay tuned!


Here are the things to expect in this episode:

  • Coming from a family that values philanthropy more than anything in their lives.
  • Having their own individual foundations within the family.
  • Supporting a cause that they feel passionate about.
  • Taking on a legacy is huge pressure on the next generation, whether they’re passionate about it or not.
  • What does a conversation on philanthropy look like between generations?
  • Recognizing that storytelling is a form of social impact.
  • And much more!


About Laura and Sabrina Merage:

Laura Merage is an accomplished artist and venture philanthropist who leads initiatives that impact the lives of thousands of people every day. Laura’s generosity has made a profound impact on Denver’s Art and Culture landscape, including the 2008 launch of RedLine Contemporary Art Center, an urban art laboratory fostering education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change. As RedLine flourished over the last decade, Laura envisioned another dynamic nonprofit, and founded Black Cube in 2015, a nonprofit, experimental art museum that operates nomadically and aims to nurture the self-sufficiency of artists and inspire people to experience contemporary art beyond traditional white museum and gallery walls. Laura brings her artistic and business expertise to these organizations and provides strategic leadership to the David and Laura Merage Foundation’s Early Childhood Education and Jewish Life initiatives. Laura serves on the University of Tel Aviv Board and is an emeritus board member for the Anti-Defamation League.


Sabrina Merage Naim (she/her) is passionate about promoting tolerance and inclusivity between religious, cultural, racial, and ethnic communities. She founded the Sabrina Merage Foundation in 2008 with the intention of building bridges between diverse societies through educational programs for young people. Sabrina focuses much of her philanthropic efforts on uniting communities and paving the way for individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, teach, and learn from one another. Sabrina is also the founder of Echo Capital Group, a venture capital firm focused on early stage investments in consumer product companies founded by young, driven entrepreneurs who are developing exciting concepts for the uniquely individual Millennial demographic.


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