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Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast

May 19, 2021

Lori is joined by Nancy Gale on this episode, where they talk about how it’s possible to be a brand that connects cause and commerce. Nancy is the founder and designer of a luxury handbag brand called JAMAH and also the founder of Ambition, a nonprofit deeply integrated into the roots of JAMAH (and other organizations). How has her philanthropic journey led her to make an impact on disadvantaged youth? Stay tuned!


  • She started her luxury brand with a belief in capitalism with consciousness. What does this mean?
  • Investors telling her to make money first and worry about giving later.
  • Finally launching Ambition, her nonprofit program. What is the idea behind Ambition?
  • What is the impact of mentorship on the kids in the programs?
  • Nancy shares about some inspiring stories of the kids from their programs.
  • And many more!




About Nancy Gale:

Nancy Gale is an inspiring individual with a fascinating story of overcoming hardship and creating something beautiful out of the pieces. Not only is she a powerful force in the entrepreneurial world as a luxury handbag designer, she is also a passionate activist, advocate, mentor, teacher and skydiver. Her generous heart and outgoing personality radiate positivity that is spread to everyone she meets despite the challenges she has faced throughout her lifetime. It’s no wonder why she has such an impact on empowering others with the force of resiliency.


Foundations Mentioned:




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