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Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast

May 26, 2021

Join Lori and Laura Maiurano as they discuss how philanthropy can be incorporated into the marketing and branding of any business. Laura is a co-founder at Five-Foot-Two Marketing, which started a nonprofit mentorship program that serves as a support system for female business owners. How was Laura able to create this safe community for women? Stay tuned!

Here's what to expect in the episode:

  • What was the idea behind Fierce Founders? Who are they?
  • Deciding between making a group a nonprofit from a for profit. 
  • Mentorship is an essential aspect of their nonprofit program. Sometimes it takes a little help and guidance to achieve great things!
  • How do you take action in starting a nonprofit and making it work?
  • And much more!


About Fivefoottwo Marketing:

We’re not an agency. Our co-founders directly manage teams of specialized contractors dedicated specifically to each client. Combined with a network of freelancers from every industry and partners in all areas of marketing, our collective can deliver a quality marketing team for less than the cost of your first marketing hire.


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Foundations Mentioned:

Fierce Founders:


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